The basis of our business principles:

All those core values are important at Leoxia, because we think it's the mandatory setup to conduct successful business operations, have happy employees, and deliver value to our customers.

We follow our LOGIQ.

Leoxia Principles Lawfulness & Respect

Lawful & Respectful

Code of conduct

At Leoxia, all of our operations are conducted with integrity, honesty and open mindset. We treat our employees and all our relationships, with courtesy, dignity and respect for the human rights, regardless of sex, race or nationalorigin.

Staff and customers interests

All our employees are treated with respect regarding their autonomy, privacy, and interests. We equally respect the legitimate interests of our customers.

Laws and regulations

Leoxia companies and their staff are required to comply with laws and regulations of countries in which they are working.

Original & Innovative

With our open mindset, we're always ready to find and adopt a new and better way to produce better quality products.

All employees are encouraged to share any idea and lead initiatives that can bring more value for Leoxia or our customers.

Original Growth


We want our staff to grow in terms of technical and business knowledge. We want them to enjoy growing at Leoxia, in a fertile environment.

We want to provide products to our customers that make them able to grow their business.


We follow our rules even when there is great pressure to do otherwise. We don't sacrifice our principes for expendiency, short term gains, or to reduce expenses.

We don't involve into bribes or any other improper financial gain or business advantages. Every employees is forbidden to either give or grant any gift or payment, which could be viewed as a bribe. They should report such event to management.

We accurately describe our accounting situation with records and supporting documents. Every asset, fund, account is completely described both in amount and nature.

Integrity Quality


We commit ourselves to provide quality products to our customers. The Quality of our products is tracked throughout the full production process.

Quality control is both ensured by automatic verification systems and human operators.

At Leoxia, a Quality product describes a bug free, easy to maintain, easy to document, teach and learn, product. It should also perform and be able to evolve in accordance to the expectations of our customers.